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a memory once lost
16 June 2013 @ 09:36 pm
Quick weekend.
saturday - kinda wasted the first half of the day. Did a few things here and there, then decided to get ready to hit the lake on the jetski. Got all loaded up and got to my phone, to see that my buddy Mike had bailed on me. For the second weekend in a row. He did pass my number along to his buddy with a similar jetski, so it was all good I suppose. I got out there, got my ski unloaded, found out I had an issue with cooling. Reloaded my ski, went to the auto part store, rigged something up and got back to the lake. Finally got into the water and left everything on the beach. So thankful for times like these. Times when everything you're doing at that current moment consume you're everything. I was out on the lake for a solid 3-4 hours. The other guys showed up about an hour late, but they were nice guys, we all tried each others skis and just enjoyed the day.

sunday - did a shit ton of yard work. Didn't call my dad, didn't call my step dad. I feel awkward about the entire situation and I hate that I've never felt like I've had a dad. I'll save all that for another post or for never most likely. The days when I needed a dad and those days to shape who I would become as a man are long gone. I think I did alright under the circumstances, but I can't help but feel left out or jealous when I see true father/son relationships or hear stories of my buddies. Or see all the fucking pictures posted on facebook today. None of my friends wanted to hang out, so I just hung around home.

As I was writing this and thinking about bed and tomorrow, my girlfriend called and said she is going to the ER for her cough and that she had blood in her ear. I hope she's okay, but honestly, I just wanted to sit here and do nothing and get my 8 hours of sleep. Especially when I said she should have gotten this shit looked at over a week ago. Oh well, whatever...
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a memory once lost
01 June 2013 @ 08:32 pm
I hate that I work for the type of company that if you don't do what they ask, you quickly find yourself on the slippery slope to losing your position. There went my Sunday plans :/
a memory once lost
16 May 2013 @ 11:32 pm
almost want to write again. Maybe it'll be cool again? Maybe it'll be nice to get it out. It's been fun to look back on some of these old entries, why wouldn't it be fun again in ten years? Wow! Anyways, been with my ole lady for ten years, we have a house, we have two pugs. I still like to ride my bike, but I like my motorcycle more, my jetski more and going on adventures. I should do one of those lists like I used to. Maybe....
a memory once lost
11 May 2013 @ 12:27 am
why not...